I’m a 3rd year Mathematics Ph.D. student at UCLA, supported by the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. My research is in graph-based semisupervised learning. I’ve done projects inventing novel neural network architectures that leverage graph SSL for image classification, and am currently working on a project on hyperspectral image unmixing. I’m also interested in the theoretical and empirical relationship between graph SSL techniques and graph neural networks. For undergrad I went to Tufts University, graduating Summa Cum Laude with degrees in Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering and was a Captain on the Varsity Rowing Team. I was advised by James Murphy.

In Summer 2021, I was a Graduate Data Science Intern at the Mitre Corporation, working on multivariate drift detection.

I am looking for research/applied scientist internship roles for Summer 2024. Feel free to contact me via the sidebar to the left.


03/2023: This quarter I am TAing for Math 33A (Linear Algebra) and 33B (Differential Equations).

03/2023: I recieved the National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship!

03/2023: I recieved the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship!

03/2023: I ran the LA Marathon in 3:53:25!

01/2023: My paper, “Deep Semi-supervised Label Propagation for SAR Image Classification” was accepted to the SPIE Conference on Defense and Remote Sensing! I am co-first author, and was lucky to be able to collaborate with Joshua Enwright (UCLA, co-first author), Jeff Calder (UMN), and Andrea Bertozzi (UCLA).

01/2023: This quarter I am TAing for Math 31B (Integration and Infinite Series).

03/2022: I passed the Numerical Analysis and “Basic” Qualifying Exams, so I’ve completed my written Qualifying Exam requirements!

12/2021: I passed the Optimization/Numerical Linear Algebra Qualifying Exam!

09/2021: I started as a PhD student at UCLA! For my first year, I am fortunate to be supported by an NSF NRT MENTOR Fellowship.


I was a rower in high school and college and have continued to do endurance sports since then. Now I enjoy training for marathons and hope to start doing triathlons soon as well. I’m also a huge sports fan, including the NBA, NFL, college basketball and football, soccer, and pro cycling.